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Suiza (Basilea) (Europa)

Noche de Caruesma - Fasnacht
Lunes 23 Febrero 2015
(la fecha cambia según los años)
*Sólo en Bâle. Verificar con www.fasnachts-comite.ch (en alemán)

**Sólo en Basel

***It all begins with what is known as the Morgestraich. At exactly 4 a.m., all the lights in the city center go off. Out of the pitch darkness, the sound of drums and piccolos waft through the cold night air. Closer and closer it comes, and a faint light glows in the distance. Suddenly, there they are, coming from all directions, the musicians and marchers of the city’s Fasnacht cliques. Each wears a masks. Some have small lamps on their heads. They carry painted lanterns that mock things that happend during the past year.

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