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Días festivos y celebraciones de todo el mundo

Sudáfrica : días festivos, feriados,, cierres de bancos, vacaciones escolares


Sudáfrica : calendario completo de los días festivos, feriados, cierres de los bancos y de las bolsas de valores, vacaciones escolares, ferias, eventos culturales y deportivos, festivales, carnavales, durante el bimestre en curso

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Fin de semana: sábado y domingo

Nombre Fecha Tipo Más
Pescado de abril**Lunes 1 Abril, 2019Tarjetas/Flores 
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Pascua**Domingo 1 Abril, 2018Católica o Protestante 
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Día de la Familia*Lunes 2 Abril, 2018Feriado seculare 
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huelga generalMiércoles 25 Abril, 2018Feriado seculare 
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Día de la Libertad*Viernes 27 Abril, 2018Fiesta Nacional 
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puente facultativoLunes 30 Abril, 2018Feriado seculare 
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Día del Trabajo*Martes 1 Mayo, 2018Feriado seculare 
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Fiesta de las MadresDomingo 13 Mayo, 2018Tarjetas/Flores 
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Royal weddingViernes 18 Mayo, 2018Eventos excepcionales 
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Día de la Juventud**Sabado 16 Junio, 2018Feriado seculare 
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Día del PadreDomingo 17 Junio, 2018Tarjetas/Flores 
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Día de Mandela*Miércoles 18 Julio, 2018Eventos excepcionales 
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Día Nacional de la Mujer*Jueves 9 Agosto, 2018Feriado seculare 
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puente facultativoViernes 10 Agosto, 2018Feriado seculare 
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Día del árbol*Sabado 1 Septiembre, 2018Cultura 
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Rosh Hashaná*Lunes 10 Septiembre, 2018Tarjetas/Flores 
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Yom KippurMartes 18 Septiembre, 2018Tarjetas/Flores 
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Fiesta de la Herencia**Lunes 24 Septiembre, 2018Feriado seculare 
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Hendidura del Parlamento (final)Lunes 8 Octubre, 2018Eventos excepcionales 
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Pescado de abril -
Lunes 1 Abril, 2019

Tarjetas/Flores : As the story goes, in 1564, France was one of the first nations to make January 1 officially New Year's Day, instead of the last week of March which was previously observed. In 1582, the Pope followed suit. Those who went on celebrating April 1st were mocked. As the zodiacal sign was the fish, The French placed dead fish on the backs of one another. Traditions vary from country to country.

Pascua -
Domingo 1 Abril, 2018

Católica o Protestante : Not a paid holiday

Día de la Familia -
Lunes 2 Abril, 2018

Feriado seculare : It was typical in South Africa to take a day off of work after Easter. This day, which is also known as Easter Monday, was renamed as Family Day in 1995. This extra day off for the holiday was meant to give families more quality family time together and to allow them to go on vacations with friends and family.

Huelga general -
Miércoles 25 Abril, 2018

Feriado seculare :

Día de la Libertad -
Viernes 27 Abril, 2018

Feriado seculare : Las primeras elecciones libres se celebraron en 1994. Los sudafricanos de todas las razas se permitió a determinar el futuro de su democracia. Nelson Mandela fue elegido como Presidente. 2019 date not confirmed

Puente facultativo -
Lunes 30 Abril, 2018

Feriado seculare :

Día del Trabajo -
Martes 1 Mayo, 2018

Feriado seculare : Chicago, Sábado 1 de mayo de 1886 : 350 000 o eros se declararon en huelga para reivindicar una jornada laboral de 8 horas. Las empresas quedaron paralizadas. Como el lunes no habían parado las manifestaciones, la policía a ió fuego. El martes, se continuó la huelga.

Fiesta de las Madres -
Domingo 13 Mayo, 2018

Tarjetas/Flores :

Royal wedding -
Viernes 18 Mayo, 2018

Eventos excepcionales :

Día de la Juventud -
Sabado 16 Junio, 2018

Feriado seculare : In 1975 protests started in African schools after a directive from the then Bantu Education Department that Afrikaans had to be used on an equal basis with English as a language of instruction in secondary schools. The issue, however, was not so much the Afrikaans as the whole system of Bantu education which was characterised by separate schools and universities, poor facilities, overcrowded classrooms and inadequately trained teachers. On 16 June 1976 more than 20 000 pupils from Soweto began a protest march. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday Previously known as Soweto Day.

Día del Padre -
Domingo 17 Junio, 2018

Tarjetas/Flores :

Día de Mandela -
Jueves 18 Julio, 2019

Eventos excepcionales : In tribute to former president Nelson Mandela. Madiba was politically active for 67 years and on Mandela Day people are called upon to spend at least 67 minutes doing something useful within their communities. From 2009 onwards.

Día Nacional de la Mujer -
Jueves 9 Agosto, 2018

Feriado seculare : Commemorates 9 August 1956 when women participated in a national march to petition against pass laws (legislation that required African persons to carry a document on them to ‘prove’ that they were allowed to enter a ‘white area’

Puente facultativo -
Viernes 10 Agosto, 2018

Feriado seculare :

Día del árbol -
Sabado 1 Septiembre, 2018

Cultura : Lasts one week

Rosh Hashaná -
Lunes 10 Septiembre, 2018

Tarjetas/Flores : Jewish New Year

Yom Kippur -
Martes 18 Septiembre, 2018

Tarjetas/Flores :

Fiesta de la Herencia -
Lunes 24 Septiembre, 2018

Feriado seculare : All that the people of South Africa inherit: the sum total of wild life and scenic parks, sites of scientific or historical importance, national monuments, historic buildings, works of art, literature and music, oral traditions and museum collections together with their documentation. Not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Hendidura del Parlamento (final) -
Lunes 8 Octubre, 2018

Eventos excepcionales :